How to care for your flowers

We hope you've just received a beautiful arrangement or bouquet from us! You'll want to follow a few simple steps to keep your flowers looking their best.

Wrapped Bouquets 

If your flowers came as a bouquet wrapped in paper, remove the paper and binding of the bouquet. You'll want to find a vase that will fit the stems. Cut the stems to fit nicely into your vase. Fill your vase with fresh, clean water and ensure no leaves are on the stems before setting them into the vase. You'll want to change the water daily to keep it bacteria-free. Continue adding water every day.

Arrangements with a vase

If you've received an arrangement in a vase, peek inside and notice what your flowers are arranged in. You'll see a floral foam or chicken wire under the flowers. This helps the flowers stay in place to create the beautiful movement and shape of the arrangement. If your flowers came in chicken wire, you'll want to always ensure there is plenty of water in the vase. Any time a flower stem is not reaching water, it could die within hours. If your flowers are in floral foam, you'll want to keep the foam moist by adding water to the vase so that the foam will continue to soak up the water. Continue adding water every day.

Placement of your flowers 

Your flowers should be kept in a cool area of the house, away from any direct or indirect heat. For example, flowers typically don't do best near a window or in the kitchen. 

Finally, your flowers are temporary and will not last forever. We typically expect an arrangement to last about a week, keeping in mind that some blooms will wilt here and there just, depending on their vase life. We like to use local flowers and more garden-style blooms that may not last as long as some grocery store blooms. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any problems at